Monday January 20, 2020

Do you believe Russia attacked Georgia?

Do you believe Russia invaded Georgia
The USA and Europe are completely misinformed by CNN, BBC and other channels. They show Mikhail Saakashvili’s speeches, who’s saying Russia is performing with an aggression towards Georgia! It’s just unbelievable! The president of Georgia is a murderer and a liar. 

On the August 8, 2008 Saakashvili ordered his military forces to invade South Osetia and kill all the inhabitants! He did it to solve the territorial problem and join NATO until the USA has a new president. So the soldiers of Georgia have already killed more than 2000 innocent people, mainly in Chinvali, the capital of South Osetia. They almost totally destroyed the city and got rid of the population of Chinvali. I cannot call it other ways but genocide. 

Meanwhile, according to the well-organized plan, Saakashvili gives a speech to European and American mass media, saying that Russia began the war against Georgia. At the same time, he forbade Russian channels and newspapers on the territory of Georgia so that even in Georgia there are people who don’t know Saakashvili, not Russia, commanded to raze South Osetia. 
South Osetia has been a republic of the state of Georgia for 16 years not. Two governments, of Georgia and South Osetia, have conflicted for all this time. However, Russian government and peacemakers kept these two sides in peace. Since Georgia attacked South Osetia and started a massive homicide, Russia must defend it, because not only the inhabitants of South Osetia but also lots of Russian citizens, who live there, suffer. Russia has sent several groups of peacemakers to try to stop the war and, in so far as Georgian government just don’t listen to Russia, Moscow decided to send some battle planes and tanks with soldiers as well – to protect innocent people.
Mikhail Saakashvili apparently had expected that and immediately declared that Russia was bombing his country. Moreover, the western world seems to believe him. UN can’t make a decision for almost 3days; they just can not decide who is really to blame of the war. There’s one more point, no European or American journalist has been in South Osetia and seen what is really going on there. They are only working in Tbilisi, Georgia and blindly believe Saakashvili and its government. 
Otherwise, Russian journalists are working in South Osetia and providing people with the truth: soldiers of Georgia are killing everybody – women, children, elderly man… Whether this truth is translated all over the world or not is another question. Russian peacemakers are taking as many people out of South Osetia as possible. During the last two days above 30.000 people of South Osetia crossed the South Osetia/Russia border and now Russian government is giving them the necessary aid.
Saakashvili is definitely not going to stop the war. Recently his military forces have been seen in Abkhazia, another republic of Georgia. 
While UN, Europe and America are trying to figure out who the real aggressor is, Georgian soldiers keep on killing. A lot of the inhabitants of South Osetia, Russian soldiers, journalists and peacemakers have died in South Osetia and the number of victims is still growing up. So if UN and Co wants to know who started the war, why don’t they ask the very victims – those who are in Russia or South Osetia now?

What do you think? 

Author: Wendy Clear / Source: diy.a1tv.ru


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